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Meppro Engineering, founded by young and energetic engineering professionals experienced in various industrial backgrounds, successfully handled diverse range of projects in different countries joined together to provide, quality engineering services in India.

Our expertise base will cover vast range of projects in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Plumbing and Allied Areas.

And we have a dedicated research team focusing towards modern technologies such us embedded systems, IoTs, Data Acquisition and System Integration.

Our company philosophy revolves around some very important values and principles—chief among which is “customer centricity.” Our continued commitment to delivering value and exceeding customer expectations has positioned us as the preferred engineering service provider in the market, retaining and attracting customers that expect nothing less than excellence.


  • “To be the customers first choice by providing complete solutions and services for their distinct business operation through state of art technology”


We create responsible and innovative solutions for those who own, operate, and maintain natural and built environments. We value lasting relationships, achieving our clients vision’s, and celebrating in their success.


Fairness: We, at Meppro Engineering practice being honest and fair in all our dealings within as well as outside the organization. We handle all our decisions with complete un-biasness.

Respect for Individual: We as an organization firmly believe in treating each person with respect and dignity. We value skills, views and time for every individual connected with the organization and this enables us to grow our productivity as a team.

Pride in Work: Individuals and teams associated with Meppro Engineering pay attention to the finer details of work and follow a process of continuous improvement to produce flawless output. This is only made possible because each individual takes pride in his/her work.

Efficiency: We collectively stand for efficient practices at work. Accomplishing every job with great results, relying on the power of team work, utilizing minimum time, effort and resources is our key to success.

Prudence: All systems and processes followed by us ensure judicious use of all our resources. We execute tasks, by combining experience with forethought, to ensure consistent value to the customer.

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